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owner, Producer, ENGINEER

Fran Cathcart is a two-time Grammy-winning producer, guitarist, and engineer, with over 20 years of experience in a career that has spanned genres, including classical, hip hop, jazz, rock, folk, and R&B. He has a B.S. in Music from New York University, and began exploring the art of audio engineering with his own compositions. His deep love of music continues to fuel his creative explorations. Read more...
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founder, engineer

Lou Holtzman founded Eastside Sound in 1972 -- the first professional recording studio on New York City’s Lower East Side. Lou has spent over 45 years recording and supporting exceptional music. He has also been a mentor to young audio engineers, nurturing talent and sharing his love of microphones, percussion, and the Harrison SeriesTenB analog board. Read more...
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Marc Urselli opened his first commercial recording studio when he was 17, in his hometown in Italy. Today, Marc is a three-time Grammy Award-winning Engineer, Producer, Mixer, and Sound Designer with an international client base. Marc has made Eastside Sound his home studio for over 18 years, and has been instrumental in building the Studio’s reputation as a center for avant garde jazz ensemble recording. Read more...
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MICHAEL Guerrerio

Michael Guerriero is a dynamic force at Eastside Sound, shepherding clients through each step of the recording process. Mike brings a wealth of music industry experience to the Eastside Sound team as well as a keen understanding of the creative process. Read more...
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Eric Elterman

Eric Elterman started his career in the early 2000s working in New York City studios like Sound on Sound and Philip Glass's Looking Glass Studios. He has now worked at Eastside Sound for over 14 years, recording, mixing and mastering musicians from around the world. Read more...


Duff Harris

Duff Harris began his musical studies at a young age with piano lessons and continued through university, where he earned degrees in both music and film at the University of North Texas. Duff has honed his engineering skills under the tutelage of Eastside Sound founder Lou Holtzman. Read more...



Greg grew up playing guitar, singing, and writing songs in a band. He first found himself in the studio at age 14 and was immediately fascinated by the recording process. His passion and love for music grows stronger everyday. Greg studied audio engineering at SAE Institute of Technology, and trained with Michael Harmon at Studio Crash, and at Eastside Sound with Lou Holtzman. Read more...


The Eastside Sound Team

Team Eastside, April 2018

Team Eastside, April 2018

We're proud of our talented, innovative team. Supporting our studio leadership is a group of independent contractors and engineers who excel in a wide range of expertise.

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